History Book In Bengali Language

Download History Book In Bengali Language for all types of competitive exams. This is the most important book. In here descriptive syllabus for class 9 and 10 levels.file size of this book 100 MB and total pages -150.

The main content of this book 

  • Introduction to history
  • world civilization(Egypt, Indus, greek and Rome
  • Janapadas of ancient Bengal
  • political history ancient Bengal 326 bc -1204 ad
  • the social economic and cultural history of ancient Bengal
  • the political history of Bengal in the middle age 1204ad-1757 ad
  • the social , economic and cultural history of the middle age of Bengal
  • the first stage of the english rule in Bengal
  • resistance, renaissance and reform movements in Bengal during British rule
  • movements for the right to self-determination in Bengal during British period

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