Wbcs and Rail Special General knowledge

Wbcs and Rail Special General knowledge 

Which one of the following was not an Indus Valley Civilization site? 

(a) Sukatagendor

 (b) Patliputra

 (c) Lothal 

(d) Rangpur

 Answer: Patliputra

 Which one of the following elements of Hinduism were practised in the Indus Valley Civilization? 

(a) Worshipping cows 

(b) Cult of Shiva 

(c) Idol worship 

(d) Wearing of sacred threads 

Answer: Cult of Shiva 

Which of the following metals was not known to Indus Valley people?

 (a) Bronze (b) None of these

(c) Iron

(d) Copper

 Answer: Iron

The main Characteristic of the Indus natural depression Civilization was

 (a) Pucca homes

 (b) system

 (c) urban planning 

(d) Well ordered out roads

 Answer: system 

The main occupation of the individuals of the Indus natural depression civilization was

 (a) cattle rearing 

(b) Trade 

(c) looking 

(d) Agriculture

 Answer: Agriculture 

Which one amongst the subsequent archaeologists’ ab initio discovered the Mohenjodaro website of the Indus natural depression Civilization?

 (a) Rakhal Das Banerji 

(b) Sir Mortimer Wheeler

 (c) Sir John Marshall 

(d) Daya Ram Sahni

Answer: Rakhal Das Banerji 

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