Rakesh Yadav Sir Class Notes PDF Free Download

 Rakesh Yadav Sir Class Notes PDF Free Download

Hello Dear Readers, In this post, I am sharing with you a very useful book "Rakesh Yadav Sir Class notes pdf" for the math topic, Actually -Rakesh Yadav Sir class notes converted to pdf mode for advantage to all student. that is really very beneficial to improve your math level. It needs for every student to good with Math and success in the math problem of each student.

Subjects like Math can be made easier by continuous practice. Rakesh Yadav Sir Class Notes is a very simple language, and each chapter should be resolved through a short technic method, This book been properly described. In addition to Rakesh Yadav, Sir Class Notes, we have uploaded other books of math and you can see that too. Also Download Link.

 Rakesh Yadav Sir Class Notes PDF 

Following chapter includes-

  1. Time and Work

  2. Pipe and Cistern

  3. Time and Distance

  4. Boat and Stream

  5. Percentage

  6. Profit and Loss

  7. Mixture and Allegation

  8. Ratio and Proportion

  9. Partnership

  10. Average

  11. Compound Interest

  12. Simple Interest

  13. Number System and Algebra

  14. HCF and LCM

  15. Geometry

  16. Co-ordinate Geometry

  17. 2D-Mensuration

  18. 3D-Mensuration

  19. Height and Distance

  20. Data Interpretation

Details Rakesh Yadav Sir Class Notes

File Type – PDF

Size – 68 MB

Language – English

Pages – 518

Credit – Rakesh Yadav sir

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